Berkland Baptist Church

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Berkland Baptist Church was started in 1981 by Rebekah Kim and Paul Kim and their family members (grandma, brother, daughter) near the UC Berkeley Campus.

Rebekah was trained in UBF while she lived in Korea, most likely during her days at Seoul National University.

Ed and Kelly Kang joined the church after their graduated from UCB/UCSD respectively, sometime in the 80's.

In 1991, Berkland planted a branch in Boston, then called BBC Boston, now called Antioch Baptist Church. Ed and Kelly Kang led this branch for a while but Rebekah and Paul decided that they should lead it and moved there soon thereafter.

Around 2005/2006, there was a major split when Ed Kang decided to break away from Rebekah (Becky).

Since then, many BBC churches have changed their names. Some of the churches in the East Coast seem to have affiliations with each other, with Antioch Baptist Church in Boston at the hub. Ed Kang rebranded Berkland in Berkeley to Gracepoint and has started numerous churches all over the US and abroad.