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The third point in the ubf heritage is about college campus ministry. I normally combined World Mission and Campus Evangelism in to one slogan World Campus Mission. But really there are two slogans here. Campus evangelism refers to some specific lifestyle choices that are eventually required of bible students in ubf (called “sheep”). I was taught that ubf is a college ministry, and it is. But they also extend the ubf context to all ages of life. The have BBF (for babies), MBF (for middle school/elementary), HBF (for high school), UBF (for university). Then after that you go through MbF (marriage by faith) and start the whole cycle over again. The ubf people who become 60 or 70 years old are pressured to become silver missionaries usually accompanied by a joke about retire meaning “put new tires on”. So ubf presents as a campus ministry, but tries to enforce all ages to conform to the campus ministry paradigm. You can’t have it both ways. Either ubf must choose to actually be a campus ministry only or create unique programs suited for various ages.