Testimony writing and sharing

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The self-indoctrinating nature of UBFism is accomplished through requiring a weekly writing of a testimony. This is often called "sogam" writing. In recent years, the term "reflection writing" is being used in some UBF chapters. A sogam is a Korean term meaning one’s impressions, opinions, thoughts, feelings and sentiments about something. This term is used in UBF for the written statements based on Bible passages that UBF members are required to write and share every week, called a "testimony writing and sharing" meeting, typically held on Friday nights. The idea behind this practice is that members don’t just read a Bible passage, but interpret it in the sense of UBF and give a personal response in front of the group about how they intend to apply it to themselves. Usually this happens by repenting for not having done enough UBF activities or for not being obedient enough, and the promise to do better in the next week, often setting concrete targets. That way, members are able to indoctrinate each other, and leaders are able to closely monitor and control the spiritual growth of their members.