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One way UBF leaders train new recruits on college campuses is by persuading the students to move into something called Common Life houses or apartments. The houses are divided into the Brother's House and the Sister's House, keeping men and women strictly separated. The idea is that by living together, the students will indoctrinate themselves into UBFism. The UBF Lifestyle is much easier to instill in young adults by having them live together.

Early Morning Prayer

Those who live in common life houses are required to attend early morning prayer, often as early as 4:30 am. They use the UBF Daily Bread booklet, which is a required purchase every month or every quarter, depending on the UBF Press publishing schedule.

Friday Testimony Sharing

Common life requires attendance at many meetings, especially the centerpiece meeting, Friday Sharing. Students might be able to skip a meeting, but once a student joins a Common Life house, the meeting becomes a requirement. Being sick is not an excuse for missing even one meeting.