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UBF teaches a religious belief system they call "kingdom of priests" and "holy nation". This has been abbreviated as "KOPAHN". This belief system creates a puritan-like lifestyle called UBFism. The group's theology has been described as a theology of sacrifice and hyper-evangelicalism. The system of belief is rooted in shepherding ideology similar to the USA groups Boston ICC and Maranatha ministries. The system falls on the edge of fundamentalist Christianity, mixed with Confucian values (loyalty, obedience, nobility) and some Korean cultural ideas rooted in Buddhism (sogam writing, yin/yang principle, saving face at all costs). Here is what my research shows as the summary of the UBFism belief system.

Section I – Ideological slogans

(the ubf mindset)

1. Back to the Bible
2. World mission
3. Campus evangelism
4. Manger ministry
5. Spirit of giving
6. Spiritual order
7. Lay missionaries

Section II – Behavioral slogans

(the ubf lifestyle)

8. House churches
9. One to one Bible study
10. Disciple-making ministry
11. Daily Bread
12. Testimony writing and sharing

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