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Many of the current and former members of the University Bible Fellowship have created webpages documenting their observations and analyses of UBF doctrine and practice. These sites include discussion forums, blogs, ex-member pages and articles created in order to share first-hand accounts of UBF experiences. Please note that many websites were created anonymously due to UBF's actions taken against at least one website owner. UBF has an Internet Committee who is tasked with cleansing the internet from material they deem as negative. One website owner faced legal action from UBF in 2007. In addition to these websites, we are maintaining a list cult watch groups who have documentation about UBF.

Blogs created by UBF Members

UBFriends was created by UBF members who wanted to openly discuss theological topics. After creating this blog, most of the people involved left the ministry when their discussions and questions were dismissed by the senior leaders at UBF.

The initial UBFfriends blog generated over 20,000 comments in about 5 years.

The Priestly Nation blog was created by an American UBF chapter director to defend UBFism. After his defenses of UBF failed, he re-purposed the site to chronicle his journey of recovery from UBF. (permanent archive)

Blogs created by Former UBF Members

A former member created this blog in 2017 to expose abuse in Bonn, Germany UBF. (German) (English)

The "ur being fractured" blog was created in 2016 to share the experiences at a UBF chapter in California.

The "ur being flat" blog was created in 2016 to share the "flat note" experiences at a UBF chapter in California.

The exubf blog was created to discuss problems and issues that were being ignored by UBF leaders.

The RSQUBF (Rescue UBF) website was created to expose and warn students and family members about the dangers of UBF.

The RSQBF discussion site was created in order to have a safe place online to discuss UBF issues both privately and publicly without intervention from current UBF members.

The JC blog is an archive of a long time UBF Korean who was compelled to expose and document all kinds of abuses and problems with UBF, especially with Chang-Woo (Samuel) Lee's practices in Chicago.

A longtime UBF leader created the following blog to document his experiences with UBF.

As a free online companion to his book, Identity Snatchers, a longtime UBF member created this site. (permanent archive)

A testimony warning about the spiritual dangers of UBF:

Here is the original information site about UBF. Leaders used legal means in an attempt to remove this:

UBF Info - Menu
UBF Info - Index

International Blogs

The problems with UBF are not isolated to one geographical area. In Hong Kong, the former members began translating much of the English material on their blog.

The former members of UBF in Russia created a blog to translate and share their experiences.

Some Koreans discuss UBF on a Korean blog:

Daum Blog (Korean)

Other Sites

There are various Wiki sites in several languages with entries about UBF.

Christian Encyclopedia (Chinese)
Korean Wikipedia

Many former members created a discussion website from 2003 to 2005.

Ex UBF Voy Forum

Archived Blogs

The following blogs are not in existence but are archived for reference.