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Laughter is indeed the best medicine at times. Some of the humor is lost on outsiders. But to those who have been inside a shepherding system, the laughter borders on tears!

Scripting out the UBF Lifestyle

The UBF shepherding system requires weekly answering of question sheets.
The UBF life is often filled with many rebukes for all kinds of things.
A monumental step in the life of a UBF sheep is to share a life testimony

Comic Strip about UBF Shepherding

This is satire, made by a former ubf member to cope with leaving. The inside jokes are likely missed by the casual reader.

[Kimchi Bible!]


[Kimchi Bible - Season 1, Episode 1]


[Kimchi Bible - Season 1, Episode 2]


[Kimchi Bible - Season 1, Episode 3]


[Kimchi Bible - Season 1, Episode 4]


[Kimchi Bible - Season 1, Episode 5]