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Evangelical Center for World Surveys (EZW)

The German organization named Evangelische Zentralstelle für Weltanschauungsfragen (in English: The Evangelical Center for World Survey) is the central scientific study, documentation, information and counseling center of the Evangelical Church in Germany for the religious and ideological currents and communities of the present. It has the mission to perceive it, to understand it and to classify it from an evangelical point of view. This organization has collected significant documentation about UBF and the UBF activities in Europe, as well as from around the world. Here are some examples of articles that have been made public.

The Appeal of UBF

"UBF focused especially in the university area. In doing so, UBF poses often as an ecclesiastical student community with international appeal. Students and young people will be attracted to a non-committal and unconstrained invitation, such as "to a cup of tea, to the Bible study or simply to worship". Soon the newcomer finds that he has an appointed "shepherd", and he is now his shepherd's "sheep", and so-called "1 to 1 Bible study" starts." page 252, Material Service of the EZW Evangelical Center for World Surveys

More Reports

Using Google translate or other translation tools, the non-German reader can find out more information about UBF on the EZW website.

More articles about UBF by EZW (link updated 10/1/2018)