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The religion of UBF is called UBFism. Behind this religion is a well structured system. When we examine the UBF organization, we find that the group is composed of several structures, making up an entire system. While the system interacts with the outside world almost exclusively through recruiting college students on campuses, the group has an entirely different purpose hidden under the campus recruiting. That purpose is to entrap children in a lifelong entanglement system, thereby ensuring their UBF Spiritual Heritage is preserved. This is in line with several Eastern religions who seek eternal life by preserving their heritage and memories here on earth.


Baby Bible Fellowship started in my chapter as a joke. The concept seems to have caught on in several other chapters. The idea is that the college student programs are scaled back to a toddler level. The toddlers "write testimony" and have Bible stories read to them, all with the UBF Dogma as themes. In this way, the UBF religion becomes normalized from a very young age. Often BBF is used as loyalty training for new mothers. Instead of recovering from child birth in a healthy way, young mothers are heavily pressured to at least do BBF ministry.


Children's Bible Fellowship became a mainstay of the UBF system early on. To the dismay of UBF leaders, married couples who formed UBF families, called house churches, had children. Then the leaders had to figure out what to do with these children. So they created CBF ministry. They pattern this ministry after the college student ministry. The children write and share weekly testimonies, attend a worship service, often held on Saturday, and attend conferences. Like BBF, CBF ministry is often used as training ground for college students. This keeps the students loyal and serves to help indoctrinate children of UBF parents into the UBF religion.


High School Bible Fellowship is the natural progression of CBF. As the children became older, the UBF leaders did not want to allow their children to attend other churches or groups. So they invented HBF to keep their children close. Children in UBF are often referred to as "your most loyal sheep". Like BBF and CBF, HBF is merely a scaled back version of UBF.


In the system of the UBF religion, UBF refers to the college student ministry. An older, married person is really not part of UBF in this sense, though they are of course expected to remain loyal to the UBF religion. This college ministry is the heart and soul of UBFism. College students are submitted to undue religious influence day by day and week by week. The pressure to conform to the UBF Lifestyle is astounding. Many unwritten rules are part of this ministry, such as the UBF no dating policy, the no visiting family members policy and the no partying policy. Instead, college students are pressured to move away from dorms and into UBF Common Life houses, to attend weekly Friday testimony sharing rituals and to absolutely attend Sunday services and quarterly conferences. In addition, students who are recruited will eventually face much pressure to offer money and make many sacrifices of their time, possessions, and relationships.


Silver Bible Fellowship is the newest part of the UBF system. This refers to "silver missionaries"--long time UBF members who now have gray or silver hair. They are the oldest generations in UBF. They joke about never retiring from the UBF religion and are seen as examples of UBFism. So from cradle to grave, UBFism is a systematic confiscation of people's identity.