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Examine. Expose. Exert.

updated 7/14/2022
This wiki is a project of and is a collection of definitions, articles and media related to religious ministries who practice shepherding ideology. In order to untwist and understand the harmful effects of shepherding theology, and to act as a warning to those who might be drawn to such an ideological system, we are creating this Wiki.

University Bible Fellowship

The first project here focuses on examining University Bible Fellowship, who is actively practicing shepherding ideology on 300 college campuses around the world, utilizing a unique Shepherd Training Model. The group is an odd mix of a UBF Value System and a UBF Lifestyle. The goal of UBF chapters is to guard and preserve the Spiritual Heritage created by the late Chang-Woo (Samuel) Lee. The leaders of the group are untrained, unordained, and unorthodox in their beliefs and methods. To be able to speak to them requires a Glossary of UBF Terminology and an understanding of their religion, called UBFism.

Gracepoint Church

The second project here focuses on exposing a group practicing UBFism but in an Americanized and more modern manner. The group is called Gracepoint Ministries or Gracepoint Fellowship Church, formerly known as Berkland Baptist Church at Berkeley. A significant reddit sub has been gaining traction the past couple years. Many discussions center on the Gracepoint founders' ties to UBF in the 1970's. It has been confirmed that high level leaders at UBF had ties to Becky Kim. The similarities between the two ministries are uncanny and certainly not by accident. Here are several discussions on that reddit - r/GracepointChurch


New pages coming soon examining Gracepoint Church.
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