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Chang-Woo Lee is the co-founder, along with Sarah Barry of University Bible Research Group in Korea in the 1961. They renamed the group to University Bible Fellowship and moved the headquarters from Korea to Chicago, USA in the 1970's. Lee took on the name Samuel, setting the example for many UBF members who either were assigned new names or created new names for themselves.


Lee died in a fire in Chicago on January 8, 2002 in Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge Illinois (USA). According to Lee's obiturary in the Chicago Tribune, he was 70 years old. Lee's death is ironic because he repeatedly warned students and members of UBF that they would face tragedy if they ever left the group. Lee spun up numerous horror stories about dying in fire or getting cancer if a member left UBF. His own death in a fire proves the stories have no merit.

After Lee's death in January 2002, a request was made in August 2002 to the CIA (United States Central Intelligence Agency) investigating Lee and/or the group: Investigations


Lee is praised in a Buddha-like fashion among many older UBF members. He is praised by some UBF leaders for instilling a military-like style of leadership and strong disciplinary training of members. Lee is criticized almost unanimously among former members as overly authoritarian, ignorant of basic human rights, and severely flawed in his Bible teaching.

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